One of the earliest reported alien encounters was written up in the Stockton Evening Mail in 1896. Colonel H. G. Shaw was traveling with a companion by horse and carriage towards Lodi in California.
Suddenly, their horses startled, and they saw "strange beings" at the side of the road. The creatures were slender and humanoid in appearance. But 7 feet tall and bald except for a velvet soft gown that covered their bodies. They didn't speak but "warbled" to one another as if they were chanting. They held lamps that shone unnaturally brightly and seemed to be formed from some sort of glowing mineral.
The aliens attempted to lift Shaw, and he felt they wanted to carry him away, but he was too heavy for them. Eventually they moved away, floating just above the ground. Shaw followed them, until they reached a huge cigar-shaped spaceship in the air. The creatures flew up to it, disappearing inside a door. The ship departed and was soon lost from sight.

Disclaimer: Ik heb dit verhaal niet zelf geschreven. De tekst heb ik gekregen via een schoolopdracht van Academie Minerva, Groningen. 
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